General Dietetic Information  

Wondering how to become a registered dietitian? This is the official website of the American Dietetic Association. Here you can find lots of useful nutrition information as well as access to a national list of accredited schools and internships. Visit »


Eating Disorder Information

This is perhaps the largest eating disorder referral site. You can find a variety of treatment programs and clinicians who specialize in eating disorder treatment. Visit »

This is an intensive outpatient program with locations in Santa Barbara, Solvang, and Shell Beach. We offer an alternative to inpatient/residential eating disorder treatment. A great group of dynamic therapists and dietitians work here. Visit »

For an overview of the 12-steps and how they relate to eating disorders, be check out the resources offered by Eating Disorders Anonymous. Visit »


Diabetes Information

For diabetes information, the American Diabetes Association offers a wealth of information. Visit »

For general diabetes nutrition information, go here go here »

For help understanding what type of carbohydrate foods are important for managing diabetes, go here »

My Food Advisor is also a useful resource for help with diabetic meal planning. Visit »


Other Information

If you've been diagnosed with celiac disease, you may find this site useful. Visit »